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Default The Ideal Cell Phone for Technophobes - information technology

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information technology

Marketing technology to people who are averted to technology, known as "technophobes", may not seem like a good business strategy. However, if you take into account all the "technophobes" in the U.S. alone, who are around 100 million baby boomers and seniors, bridging the technology gap would seem like a logical move and a promising market opportunity.

Technology evolves amazingly and it becomes more complex as time passes by. Before, Cell phones were very simple and straightforward it can only be used to make calls. Then phones that were capable of sending SMS and MMS were released. Now, mobile phones have countless features that it has become very complicated. If technology is going to be marketed to Technophobes such as seniors and baby boomers, the gadget should be simple and user friendly. Todays smart phones wouldnt appeal to Technophobes because they wouldnt be able to grasp its complexity.
information technology

While Technophobes are known to be people who do not want to embrace technology, no one could deny the fact that communication is of utmost importance. It is always a good thing to have something handy that could help you contact others especially during times of emergency. That would be the primary reason why they would be willing to use a mobile phone.

The question is, what kind of Cell Phone would be suitable for those people? Since they are not at ease when using technology, it is not a good idea to give them todays versions of smart phones.

What would be the point of giving a Phone that is capable of connecting to the internet and sending emails, take pictures, function as an mp3 player, and many more, to a person if he or she do not know how to use it? It is true that it is amazing how Cell phones become more and more complex as time goes by, but we must not forget the fact that the primary and most important function of a mobile Phone is to allow us to make calls no matter where we are. Our Phone would be useless if its too complicated that we would have difficulty in contacting people during the times that we need them at most.

Most phones nowadays are touch screen. During emergencies such as earthquakes, when it could accidentally fall of your hands, the touch screen could break and you wouldnt be able to call anyone. If ever you manage to get it and it still works, it would still take you a few seconds to open the contacts and call them. What more if a non technically inclined person owns a smart phone? He or she wouldnt be able to make a call at all!

The bottom line is that "technophobes" should choose mobile phones that are simple and easy to use. One good brand is Just5 phones. It has just the right and important features that they could use with ease.

information technology

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