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Default Do Not be Fooled! Know Your Mobile Phone From The Imei___06

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Do Not be fooled! Know Your mobile phone From The Imei


Try to open the back of Your phone. Remove the battery. Take note, you will find a label containing a row of numbers and barcodes. Number is it?

Before discussing further, the label located on the back of the phone is popularly called the Equipment Identity Register (EIR abbreviated). EIR contains a variety of identification numbers and barcodes. One of them is the IMEI number.

Label EIR is circulated in the world created in 3 colors:

- White, which means Valid GSM mobile Stations

- Grey, mean GSM mobile Stations are ditrack

- Black, mean Barred mobile Stations

Is it IMEI?

IMEI stands for International mobile Equipment Identity. Consisting of 15-digit code. IMEI is used as an identification number to Your mobile phone. Inside there is information on the country code, assembling, manufacturing codes, and serial number.

Besides can be identified on the back of the phone, Emei number can be known by punch code * # 06 #. If the IMEI number which is obtained is different From that contained in the EIR, we can be sure Your cell phone 'genuine fake' or have mengaalami IMEI modification. This includes illegal and may subject you to criminal acts.

IMEI can also be Your guide, especially if the purchase of used mobile phones. With the IMEI, you can find out 'status' Your phone, which is made, as well as in production.

IMEI Format

IMEI Format standard is 15 digit number that is translated in the format BBBB CC AA dddddd letter E where:

AA Country Code
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